A story of quality

Gaetano’s Dream

Founded in 1954 by the shoe master Gaetano Mescalchin, the Maretto company has set as its main target the quality of its footwear since the early years of life.

After the war, an adventure begins and it changes with the passage of time in a brand known for traditional craftsmanship.

Without certainties, working day and night in a small workshop, Gaetano started with the design of baby shoes but soon he developed an interest in women shoes.

The family tradition brings to work with commitment and dedication four children Flora, Luciano, Gabriella and Paola which learnt the teachings of their father.

Made in Italy around the world

It is in the ’90s that Maretto starts selling outside the country thanks to the intuition of his nephew Paul.

In a short time many countries show interest inthese footwear with clean lines and meticulously elegant in detail.

Today, maintaining a strong union and a family tradition Maretto can be considered a wonderful reality known all over the world.